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What Are People Saying About Being Mentored By Ron - The Founder of The Successful Male  
Kathy MacDermid
Ron is an amazing coach and is always looking to guide you to be the leader you truly are.
Grateful to Ron and all of his wisdom.
Bijan Yusufzai
"Highly recommend Ron Malhotra’s work.  He has one of the best methods, tools and experience to coach you to make a positive change in your life. Pleasure to work with Ron and honoured to call him my coach, friend and mentor."
Jason Titus
Ron has an incredible ability to identify peoples gifts and talent's. He has helped me identify what my purpose is and has coached me through the process of pursuing it. As my mentor Ron has given me the practical steps and resources to transform the results i'm getting in my business and in my life.
Morris La Spina
“Ron, I really truly would like to thank you for all your time you spent with me in mentoring me not only with my career but in life. The conversations with you were an eye opener not only for my career but my outlook on life. It’s very easy for someone to focus on everything else but/except what they want to achieve. I honestly feel I’m at a new beginning of my journey to a better and bigger dreams and goals.”
Jasleen Kaur
Ron is one of those rare professionals who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for those who seeks any guidance. With a background in business and years’ worth of experience as an inspirational writer, Ron exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success. Ron is the go-to person, to boost your positive thoughts and problem solving;. Though he’s never one to draw attention to himself, Ron's positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable.
Graham Williams
I have had over 30 years of experience of Personal Development at all levels and this was key to my success in life so far rising to the top in two different industries and even beating cancer (mind-set). I have participated and interacted with most other professionals in this field.

Ron is the only one that I have found that embraces all aspects of Personal development. I have found others specialise in parts and thats their focus. Ron embraces all the areas that folks need to know to achieve personal growth and thats rare! Thats pretty unique in my books.
Mariya  Radysh
“Ron Malhotra is the person who opened my eyes and drastically changed my life with just one short conversation and it has been a great privilege to be mentored by him and then also work with him since. Ron is a leader, influencer and one of the greatest minds ameliorating the world. In particular, the success program developed by Ron and the team of The Successful Male movement is the most comprehensive guide for those who want to lead a life that is happy, successful and meaningful. And if you are not following Ron Malhotra on social media, you absolutely should as every article, post and quote that he writes and shares change lives of people all around the world as we speak."
Anil Khanna
Ron Malhotra is a successful wealth adviser, entrepreneur, public speaker and leadership expert. His passion, expertise and authority is exhibited in his seminars, coaching and mentoring. But beyond Ron's professional credentials, he is an incredibly humble, kind, empathetic man whose vision has inspired me to be a better version of myself. As a mentor for The Successful Male, Ron's presence and leadership has made me grow tremendously, and I cannot thank him enough for his patient desire and guidance for my own personal success. Ron personally invests in his clients, students and team with his time and experience to ensure they reach the best for themselves first and take purposeful action. Ron has a great vision for his clients and the greater world, and you can't help wanting to be a more purposeful and successful person.

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